zubackcrc is privileged to have Clients who understand the value executive coaching brings to their businesses and executives.

"Steve is a conscientious and caring individual who 'gets it'. He probes and listens well to understand the challenges on hand and uses a flexible but focused approach in his coaching.  He is trustworthy and we have definitely benefited from his involvement.  I would recommend zuback crc at any time."

Ursula Hildebrandt,
Senior Manager, Human Resources
Bioness, Inc.


"Steven Zuback finds the appropriate balance among structure, accountability, and flexibility in his coaching approach. Effective coaching depends on the ability to engage openly early in the process in order to discover and validate those core issues that will become the basis for the coaching experience. Steven Zuback is very good at this."

Mark Hoffman, VP Human Resources
St. Jude Medical/Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

"As a personal coach, Steven Zuback is an insightful, quick study of any issue that I raised for discussion. Steven Zuback's questions forced me to look at challenges from a different perspective. Steveb Zuback also raised issues that I had not considered and provided thought-provoking topics to ponder between coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Steven Zuback to any business executive who wants someone to assist them in improving their performance, results, and personal satisfaction in their role."

Hayden Claisse, President COO
Calmont Cable and Wire

"Our working relationship with Steven Zuback began in 2004. We engaged Steven Zuback to work with certain members of our executive team. Since Steven Zuback began working with the team we have seen significant improvement in their leadership and communication styles. Steven Zuback's professional knowledge and wisdom have been a key success factor in the team's development. We would certainly work with Steven Zuback again should the need for future projects emerge."

Jane Bright, SPHR Director
Meggitt Whittaker Controls

"It is hard to understand what a powerful tool having experience with executive coaching can be. As we work our way up the corporate ladder, there isn't much in the way of next step training. Sometimes we have a mentor, but mainly we figure it out for ourselves. I had the opportunity to work with Steven Zuback and it was an excellent experience. Steven Zuback is able to reinforce the areas where you are strong. Steven Zuback is able to pinpoint the areas of responsibility where you need coaching. If you take the sessions seriously, listen and take it to heart, you will find yourself energized and confident."

Eric Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer
California Business Furnishings

"Steven Zuback was a life saver while I was in transition. Steven Zuback helped me focus on the proper company fit, structured my job search for utmost efficiency and effectiveness, and assisted my professional growth to be more marketable."

Elisabeth R. Stimson
Human Resources Manager

"Steven Zuback's coaching gave me powerful insights into my leadership skills and the relationship with my colleagues. In addition, Steven Zuback helped me to gain clarity around my own personal goals and aspirations and put them into action! The coaching sessions equipped me with development, skills and a level of confidence which has been invaluable to me over the last few years in both managing my career and leading my team.

"The fact that Steven Zuback and I live 5,000 miles apart and all of my coaching took place over the telephone made the coaching relationship both challenging and special. Steven Zuback's skills and abilities are really quite exceptional and I would recommend Steven Zuback to any Executive who is looking to improve their working (or personal) life. "

Rosemary Du Rose, General Manager

"Steven Zuback was an invaluable resource after my layoff in a down economy. Steven Zuback helped me stay focused on who I was and where I wanted to go with my career. Steven Zuback's flexible yet structured coaching style pushed me forward while allowing us to address pertinent issues/events as they occurred. I always left our sessions energized and ready to tackle the weeks to come."

Curtiss Eastman, President

"Prolonged negotiations over a merger between my company and a rival corporation created uncertainty and angst for my employees. The process was going to take months, and I could not risk a lapse in productivity. With some trepidation I sought coaching support from Steven Zuback. It turned out to be one of my best decisions. Steven Zuback’s approach was both challenging and insightful. Steven Zuback helped me assess my strengths in handling the current situation and the gaps I needed to fill to be fully successful. Steven Zuback has a special talent for asking the right questions and forcing a thorough analysis of the basis for important decisions. The outcome was a success. My company’s sales continued to climb through a difficult period, and our investors were overjoyed with the success of our merger. I continue to employ the leadership skills Steven Zuback helped me develop, and no doubt will continue to seek Steven Zuback’s guidance and coaching in the future."

Martin Rosendale, CEO
Core Dynamics, Inc.

“Steven Zuback has enabled me to connect with elements that were suppressed, lost or forgotten in me. Having worked with Steven Zuback, I feel fuller, richer, much more self aware, and better connected with myself and my intentions. St Jude Medical will certainly see the difference.”

Abhra Roy, Manager,
Applied Research & Technology Development Programs
St. Jude Medical/Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

"I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Steven Zuback.  Steven Zuback's coaching was invaluable as I transitioned into a management role.  Steven Zuback mentioned on several occasions that “nothing is more difficult than learning while doing”.  Steven Zuback was able to expedite the learning process by providing an environment in which I was able to use my own insights to further develop in my role as a leader.  Steven Zuback's probing questions forced me to ensure my actions were in line with my core values and gave me the confidence to move forth."

Tammy Gorsuch, Director,
Continuous Improvement
St. Jude Medical/Cardiac Rhythm Management Division



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