zubackcrc uses the principles of process consultation, co-activity and appreciative inquiry to create a powerful alliance with an executive that allows her/him to maximize and better manage the use of their strengths so corporate, individual, and team goals and aspirations are achieved.

  • Process Consultation (PC) is a methodology that emphasizes helping others to help themselves without giving them solutions or expert advice. It is developmental and is based on realistic models of management and leadership, group dynamics, and organizational systems.

  • Co-Activity requires the Client and Coach create an alliance to focus on the executive’s specific needs, strengths, and personality. This is a dynamic alliance, based on trust and respect, that creates a safe environment where the executive can take risks, work within a sustained learning mode, and stay in action. Co-Activity provides the foundation to design an individual plan of action.

  • Appreciative Inquiry is a relational process of inquiry based upon earnest appreciation and affirmation that an individual’s success is created by his unique strengths and a positive perspective. By helping the Client identify and maximize the best of their talents, drivers, and strengths, the Coach helps the Client to become more productive and achieve their aspirations and goals.


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